Exclusive and selected case studies INTRANET RELOADED
USA 2023
Discover selected on-demand videos of the presentations from our Intra.NET Reloaded 2023 event.

"Unlocking your communication potential through AI"

Shel Holtz; Senior Director, Communications; WEBCOR Builders

Many times, AI is looked at with some level of distrust. Far from being here to put us, humans, out of business, AI-powered tools are improving our workplace by taking care of repetitive tasks while saving valuable time to focus on what is important. Webcor is supporting its communications endeavours with tools such as ChatGPT, which makes it easier to prepare newsletters, and update blogs and first drafts of the company´s communication materials.

Tips to integrate AI for improved internal communications

Making AI your friend, not your foe

Facing ethical issues of AI implementation for corporate use

Shel Holtz; Senior Director, Communications; WEBCOR Builders

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Revolutionizing the frontline experience by modernizing your organization´s intranet

A global communications approach to reaching employees beyond internal channels

Connecting Employees in a 166-year-old Startup

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