Exclusive and selected case studies INTRANET RELOADED
USA 2023
Discover selected on-demand videos of the presentations from our Intra.NET Reloaded 2023 event.

"Intranet feature must haves for the new digital work experience"

Julie Miller; Senior Internal Communications Specialist; Simpplr

The work experience has continued to evolve and change over the past few years, creating a new digital work environment. So how can we apply all the learnings from recent years to keep up with the new future of work? Join Simpplr’s Julie Miller, Sr. Employee Communications Specialist, as she shares her tips and tricks for innovating the digital work experience in 2023. In an this interactive discussion you will learn:

How to improve employee productivity, culture, and wellbeing in a digital workplace

Recommendations to ramp up the employee experience

What internal communications should and should not be doing in 2023

Julie Miller; Senior Internal Communications Specialist; Simpplr

Intranet Platform - Modern Software for Today's Workforce | Simpplr


Revolutionizing the frontline experience by modernizing your organization´s intranet

A global communications approach to reaching employees beyond internal channels

Connecting Employees in a 166-year-old Startup

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