Exclusive and selected case studies INTRANET RELOADED
USA 2023
Discover selected on-demand videos of the presentations from our Intra.NET Reloaded 2023 event.

"You know what? Let’s just start from scratch - Building a modern intranet for the first time"

Companies with geographically diverse desk and field staff need modern digital tools to work more efficiently, allow access to necessary company information, and keep people engaged in the broader organization. For these reasons, Driscoll´s relaunched their intranet to enable better connections for all of their employees.

What value propositions convinced company leadership to support the project Lessons learned from migrating away from an old intranet with decades of history and clutter.

How a company with a complex workforce composition approached login and IT security questions, targeted audience messaging, and building a cohesive digital ecosystem.

Caleb McGowan; Digital Platforms Manager, Global Internal Communications; Driscoll's, Inc.

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Revolutionizing the frontline experience by modernizing your organization´s intranet

A global communications approach to reaching employees beyond internal channels

Connecting Employees in a 166-year-old Startup

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