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Refinance your partnership investment today!

Affiliate Program – Benefit from the ultimate social selling!

The we.CONECT Affiliate Program allows Partners to earn a commission when promoting and referring customers to the event.

You will receive a unique discount code for an unlimited number of industry tickets and can bring your top clients or prospects to the event by sharing this discount code with them. In return, you will receive 25% from each ticket sold to refinance your partner package!

Solution providers and consultants are excluded from receiving your discounted tickets.

Affiliate process


Join Intra.NET Reloaded Boston as a Partner


On confirmation, you will receive a discount code for the affiliate program.


Promote the event with the individual discount code to your customers and new prospects.


Receive 25% kickback from each ticket sold with your discount code to refinance your partner package.

What can you expect from our Affiliate Program?

Refinance your investment in our event

Receive money back from each client and prospect that joins our event. Through our affiliate program, there is a unique opportunity to earn money directly with the event.


After the event, we.CONECT will send you a report with an overview of the tickets bought using your discount code. The commission will then be calculated and paid to you.

Your target group at the event

Bring as many clients and prospects as you wish using the Affiliate Program.

Let your customers speak for you

Benefit from the high number of your clients and prospects attending the event

Networking with your clients

You bring your clients to the event, we provide multiple opportunities for high-level networking with them

Cashback process


we.CONECT receives a booking with your discount code


Your client pays 25% off the standard price, for example $ 1,721.25 instead of $ 2,295 for the standard pass.


Receive 25% for each ticket sold, for example $ 430,31 when a standard pass is booked with your discount code.


After the event, we.CONECT gives you the earned money back, for example $ 430,31 for a standard pass.

Your Contact Persons

You have further questions or are not part of our Affiliate Program yet? Get in touch!

Catherine Bautista
Business Partner Manager
Phone: +49 30 52 10 703 – 204

Fabio Sandrin
Business Partner Marketing Manager
Phone: +49 (0)30 52 10 70 3 – 92

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