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The leading Intranet and Internal Communication Event in America
Hybrid 2022 – Both live in San Diego and online via our digital event platform hubs101, the leading digital workplace event brings together more than 150 top decision makers and thought-leaders from Internal Communications, Intranet and Digital Workplace, Employee experience, Collaboration, UX and IT, functions from large enterprises, SME’s, start-ups, NGOs and academia. Join now and discuss the most pressing challenges of the digital workplace and connected organization that’s designed to make your employees work and feel better with your peers.

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8th Intra.NET Reloaded 2022 Sessions

The 8th Intra.NET Reloaded USA is a 2.5 day digital event combining a unique mix of Inspirational keynotes, well-moderated, interactive sessions,  as well as the Award.

Join the event to enjoy even more networking, interaction, and knowledge sharing!

Become a part of our exclusive platform that explores business models, case studies, actions, and profitability; and identify missing gaps that hide opportunities and chances & solutions for your technical & business challenges.

We look forward to welcoming you to the 8th annual Intra.NET Reloaded USA!

Intra.NET Reloaded USA Award

With the annual Intra.NET USA Award, distinguished expertise and exceptional projects from within companies and organizations are exclusively recognized, celebrated and honored by we.CONECT Business Leaders and the expert community. It is an excellence initiative that aims at promoting the deserved reputation among the event´s delegates, partners and within the whole expert community.

Winners of Intra.NET Reloaded USA 2020 Award:

Most Engaging Intranet: Saje Natural Wellness

Best IntraNET UX: Royal Bank of Canada


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A dynamic, well-designed interactive experience for those of us working at the cross-cut of knowledge and information management.
Barbara Bitondo
International Finance Corporation
I gained so much knowledge and made so many contacts attending this conference, which focused on internal comms, specifically intranets and the tools needed to communicate effectively to employees.
Annette Gunn
Travelers Insurance
Intra.NET Reloaded Boston proved once again that immersion in complex topics breaks down barriers to learning and enhances results.
Aaron Levine
Carnegie Hall
The conference was filled with information and best practice examples.
Kathy Eichlin
Syngenta North America
Full of great content and fun!
Jay Bowling
This conference was engaging, inspiring, re-energizing, right-on topic, with a brilliant selection of speakers and …it drew together a fabulous network of attendees!
Nadine Harder
PCL Constructors Inc.


Not sponsors. The Intra.NET Reloaded USA is a unique event in the business and technology world because of our relationship with our partners. Our aim is to support them to reach their targets and inspire innovation.

Position your business as a thought leader at Intra.NET Reloaded USA and join us today.

Key Topics Discussed at the Intra.NET Reloaded USA 2022


Engaging employees during physical distance

How to make most of the digital tools with design and content and engage the young and tech-savvy workforce?

BYOT, BYOA, BTOD – How to eliminate security concerns and develop policies to avoid security breaches?

How can IC Teams deliver engaging people-focused cloud-based intranet?

How to integrate gamification into the digital workplace and improve employee engagement?

How to identify user personas and the content they need?

What strategies to engage the employees virtually?

How to ensure the wellbeing and the mental health of the employees in the digital workplace?


Digital employee experience

How to transform the workplace environment, tools, technologies, and corporate culture into an effective internal communication system?

How to enrich the UX and optimize the governance in the digital workplace?

How to identify your Intranet`s key stakeholders and their needs?

What strategies to provide transparency and access to all information in the digital workplace?

How to increase the digital dexterity of employees and adoption to unlock the power of the digital workplace?

Democratization in the digital workplace: How to transfer the power of IT to end-users and support non-technical workers to deliver better outcomes in the digital workplace?


Managing remote work with digital workplace

What are the challenges of rolling out an intranet during a pandemic?

How to increase the collaboration during remote working in the digital workplace?

How to create a unified model of internal communication that comprises broadcast, interaction and collaboration in a rapidly changing and complex environment?

How to enable employees to communicate and connect with each other constantly despite the physical distance in the digital workplace?

How to develop change management strategies and sustain your digital work place by aligning with existing infrastructure as well as the working culture of your organization?

How to combine the toolset, skillset and mindset to overcome the challenges of remote working in the digital workplace for the employees?


Tools and technologies

No-Code  Low-Code Platforms: How to tailor the digital workplace to meet the needs of the employees with fewer costs and more flexibility?

How to use mobile technologies in employee communication and productivity?

How can wearables boost employee experience in the intranet and digital workplace?

How can AI help to get better outcomes in employee experience?

How to increase automation to deliver effective outcomes in the digital workplace?

How to leverage technologies such as AR/VR and blur the distinction between the physical world and the digital environment to automate the workplace?

What are the use cases of 5G in internal communication?

How to leverage video communication to engage multigenerational workforce?


Measuring the success of your digital workplace

Taking advantage of data abundance in internal communication: How to gather insights into the sentiment and behavior of your employees by using the true potential of data beyond basic metrics?

How to measure the impact of intranet on productivity?

How to measure the ROI of employee engagement and intranet?

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